June 28, 2014

Coorg Madikeri Kakkabe

Coorg or Kodagu is the name of the district and Madikeri is the head quarters and it is one of the hill station. There are plenty of things to do in Coorg. I classify them into three categories and you shall choose and plan accordingly.

Type 1: Casual or Family Trip to Madikeri and around
You can start from Bangalore or Mysore and cover the places in this order
  • Day 1: Tibetan Golden Temple in Bylakuppe
  • Day 1: Nisargadama
  • Day 1: Abbi Falls
  • Stay at Madikeri
  • Day 2: Omkareshwara Temple - This temple is the mix of Islamic and Hindu style
  • Day 2: Madikeri Fort (now it is a govt office and nothing much except for a small Ganesha temple)
  • Day 2: Talakaveri, Bhagamandala, Brahmagiri hill (all in one place)
  • Day 2: Raja seat in Madikeri Town
For all the above it will take two days and you can stay in Madikeri. Refer to tripadvisor and other reviews for stay options.  See below the photos of all the above places. 

Type 2: Trekking and Adventure
Kakkabe is a remote place in the base of western ghats in southern kodagu. There are two stay options here with a scenic view called "Honey Valley" and the "Chingaara Estate". We stayed in Chingaara Estate. They have a private water fall. Both these places are in a beautiful scenic place. 
In Kakkabe, during July and August there will be heavy rain and many leeches may be there. So you may want to avoid during these months.

In both the above stay options, they arrange for Trekking, Bird watching with prior notice.
A) Trekking to "Thadiyendamol" peak which is highest peak in coorg i.e. 5730 feet.
B) There is also a temple called "Igguthappa temple" where you get a free prasad (meal).
C) Nalnad palace
D) Nilakandi Waterfalls is also closeby and it seems you can see flying squirrels

Type 3: Coorg from Sky :  Though we never tried, options are there for ultralight flying. Visit http://www.coorgskyadventures.com/. You can also check few photos from my friend's blog here

Type 4: Relaxation
There are plenty of good stay options like Orange County, Windflower Resort, Tamara ..etc. Refer Tripadvisor.in and other reviews. 

More about the places listed in Type 1 Trip

1. Kushal Nagar / Bylakuppe  - Golden Temple or Tibetan Temple ( Wiki Link )
This is a beautiful temple. See the pictures below. One can also see many sparrows here. The Wiki has many good quality pictures as well. If you are lucky and reach there during the prayer time you can see their rituals. Once I got a chance to be part of this, but I don't exactly remember the timing. I guess it was between 1 and 2 noon. During the prayer they offer grains to birds and perform chanting, cymbals (jinja in tamil), long horned wind instrument and huge drums.

The main statue of Buddha is about 60 ft in height and made of copper and plated with Gold. See my photo capture of the information board which tells more about this. You can easily spend around 1 to 1.5 hours here. Use Google Maps to reach.

2. Nisargadhama
Surrounded by water and connected with a rope bridge this is an island. This place is so beautiful and you can plan on the way. If you have kids then there are Deer, Elephant rides and Cute rabbits to see. Be extra careful and don't enter into water. (the rocks might be slippery). You can easily spend around 1 to 2 hours here. 

Harangi Reservoir is 20 Kms from Bylakuppe Golden temple. Use Google Maps to reach. I have not visited. If you get time you shall plan.

3. Raja Seat
This is very famous for the excellent view point and sunset point. Come here to relax and enjoy the scenery. For kids there is a toy train. After it becomes dark at around 7PM, they start the musical fountain which is colorful. Kids might love this.  But dont miss the sunset. 100s of people come here just for the sunset. It is so exciting to see the sun slowly hiding behind the mountains. See pictures below.

4. Bhagamandala, Talakaveri, Brahmagiri Hill
This is the important place you don't want to miss. Be prepared for a very simple trek to the Brahmagiri hill which is right behind the main Talakaveri temple. After visiting the Bhagamandala temple you can come straight to this Talakaveri temple. This is very sacred place where people believe that the river Kaveri originates. We respect the nature and worship. 1000s of pilgrims visit this holy place during the festival time. The kaveri river originates here and join the sea in Poombukar Tamilnadu.  See the pictures below for the views from this Brahmagiri Hills.

Note: The Madiekeri Fort is been converted to Govt.Office and nothing much to see there. If you are interested to visit the Ganesha Temple inside the fort you shall visit. I have added two photos as well.

Abbi Falls
Abbi (or) Abbey Falls

Abbi Falls
Abbi Falls

Namdroling Monastery
Namdroling Monastery - Bylakuppe

Namdroling Monastery
Namdroling Monastery
Namdroling Monastery
The main Budhha status is 60 feet in height and made of copper, plated om Gold

Namdroling Monastery
Beautiful paintings - very colorful and so detailed

Namdroling Monastery
Information Board - Namdroling Monastery

Namdroling Monastery
Entrance Door - So beautifully decorated

Namdroling Monastery
Long horned Wind instrument

Madikeri Fort
Madikeri Fort - Nothing much and now this is a Govt.Office

Madikeri Fort
Beautiful and colorful Vahanas in the Ganesha Temple inside the Madikeri Fort

Beautiful View of the Kaveri river from the rope bridge in Nisargadama

Omkareshwara Temple
Omkareshwara Temple - Notice the mix of Islamic and Hindu based architecture

Raja Seat Madikeri
Musical Fountain in Raja Seat

Raja Seat Madikeri
Kids can enjoy this Small Train in Raja Seat, even you can enjoy !
Raja Seat Madikeri
You must watch the sunset in Raja Seat ... so beautiful .... 

Raja Seat Madikeri
Beautiful sunset on the mountains.... 100s of people were whistling behind me during this scene !!!

Raja Seat Madikeri
Almost gone......

Raja Seat Madikeri
Wov.... 100s people excited and shouting, whistling .... enjoying the sunset in Raja Seat
Raja Seat Madikeri
View from Raja Seat

Raja Seat Madikeri
Another view from the Raja Seat

Raja Seat Madikeri
View from Raja seat
Raja Seat Madikeri
Small train station and a train.... Kids will enjoy.... you can also become a Kid !!!

Raja Seat Madikeri
Portrait view of the Raja seat and the steps to sit and watch the sunset !!!

Bhagamandala Temple

In Coorg, you see more of Coffee than Tea !, Coffee plant !

Beautiful View from the Brahmagiri Hill in Talakaveri

View of the Talakaveri Temple from the Brahmagiri Hills

Another view from Brahmagiri Hills in Talakaveri

Foggy during 1PM noon !! View of the Talakaveri Temple from the steps to Brahmagiri Hills

Wov.... so beautiful ... view from Brahmagiri Hills in Talakaveri

Do you see the parking area? During festival season you need to park and walk for about 1.5 kms. 

Very Foggy at 1 PM noon....!! This is the Talakaveri Temple, Kaveri / Cauvery originates here and joins the sea in Poombukar Tamil Nadu.

This is the place they believe that the Cauveri (Kaveri) originates .... 

I have gone many times to this place, this photo is taken during summer time ! Hence no fog !

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  1. Very nice post. I really liked it. The Madikeri Fort has an intriguing historical past. It was initially built of mud, and later replaced to the present structure by Tipu Sultan. The grand monument houses an Anglican church, a temple, a prison and a museum. Coorg, the Konkan region home to coffee and spices, is a rich portrait of virescent landscapes and miles of plantations. ixigo.com brings to you a list of places to visit in Coorg to help you experience the best of the Kodagu region. Explore all best places to visit in Coorg also.


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