March 16, 2016

Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary Photo Feature

I had gone to Ranganathittu which is near Mysore, around 5 to 6 times before and seen variety of birds. I saw their habitat and loved the nature and it is a very beautiful location.

But this trip was very different from any previous visits, using DSLR, I could see them with lots of details and amazed. Wov, I never knew the birds are so beautiful and colorful when I look through these lens. Their feathers, eyes, legs, colors, God is really great. ! How amazing, how did he decide to give such colors to these birds. How did these birds get their beautiful feathers.....

Look at my main blog for all the other details, planning, nearby places ...etc. Ranganathittu is a day trip from Bangalore and very close to Mysore. Below are the links to these blogs which has all details.

Best Season: November to March. 

Mysore and Nearby places:

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Moving onto photos..... 

Ranganathittu Birds Pelicon
Action shot of Pelicon skimming.... Beautiful eyes, beaks and feathers !

Ranganathittu Birds Pelicon
Look at the wings !

Ranganathittu Pelicon
GIF - Animated flight sequence of Pelicon !
Ranganathittu Birds Indian Grey Hornbill
Well camouflaged, did you find him? Indian Grey Hornbill !

Ranganathittu Birds Indian Grey Hornbill
Close shot - Indian Grey Hornbill

Ranganathittu Birds
Dont know the name... if you know, add comments !

Ranganathittu Birds Night Heron
Wov, what an eye and see the sharp thing on his back !

Ranganathittu Birds Greater Thick Knees
Name is so differennt, Greater Thick Knees ????

Ranganathittu Birds River Tern
River Tern, What a color in her legs? 

Ranganathittu Birds Snowy Egret
Snowy Egret !, like white peacock ? 

Ranganathittu Birds King Fisher
What a color - King Fisher !

Ranganathittu Birds King Fisher
See the feathers in flight - King Fisher !

Ranganathittu Birds Pied King Fisher
So cute - Pied King Fisher !

Ranganathittu Birds Pied King Fisher
He gave respect, did not turn his back at us, faced us !

Ranganathittu Birds Fruit Bats
You guys have the blankets to cover ! Fruit Bats !

Ranganathittu Birds
Again dont know the name, add comments if you know !

Ranganathittu Birds Open Billed Storks
Nesting of Open Billed Storks !

Ranganathittu Birds Common Spoonbill
Look at the throat, Orange and Yellow colors, and the beak ! Wov !

Ranganathittu Birds
Lovely isn't it ? 

Ranganathittu Birds
Group of Professional photographers waiting in boat to capture the action shot of birds !

Ranganathittu Birds
There are many Crocs !!

Ranganathittu Birds
Look at the skin of the croc !

Ranganathittu Birds
Beautiful, all the tress are occupied ! Do you see them ?
Ranganathittu Birds Painted Stork
Painted Stork - Really painted I agree ... Wov, So pinky !

Ranganathittu Birds Cormorant
Something designs drawn on the feathers ? Cormorant !

Ranganathittu Birds Cormorant
Look at the eyes, one is blue while the other have black !

Ranganathittu Birds Cormorant
Did you observe the designs on the feathers ! Like the designs on the Sarees !

Ranganathittu Birds Painted Stork
Wings spread just landed - Painted Stork !

Ranganathittu Birds Red Wattled Lapwing
Hey why you are looking at me like that, yeah I am wearing Coolers ! 

Ranganathittu Birds King Fisher
Very colorful King Fisher !
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